Dave Ulrich

Dave has published over 30 books on leadership, organization, and human resources. These ideas have shaped how people and organizations deliver value to customers, investors, and communities. He has consulted and done research with over half of the Fortune 200 and worked in over 80 countries.  He has received numerous public recognitions and lifetime awards for his work. 

Norm Smallwood

Norm Smallwood is a partner and co-founder of The RBL Group. His research and consulting focuses on helping organizations increase business value by building organization, leadership, and people capabilities that measurably impact market value. He has written extensively about leadership and organization effectiveness in eight books and over a hundred articles. 

Mark Nyman

Mark is a consultant at The RBL Group and is a recognized expert in organization design and transformation. He has consulted with Adidas, AT&T, Merck, Pfizer, Rio Tinto, and many other top companies. 

Wayne Brockbank

Wayne Brockbank is a Clinical Professor of Business at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and a partner emeritus at The RBL Group. His research, writing, and teaching has helped shape the development of the strategic HR management field, and he has consulted with major corporations throughout the world.  

Call to Action: We have enormous confidence and hope for the future of the HR profession. Over the last 20 years we have helped hundreds of organizations realign HR as a critical contributor to business success and seen significant results. In HR Champions and HR Value Proposition we provided models and ideas about how to improve HR effectiveness. In this book we lay out a clear and practical pathway to sustainable HR Transformation. The time to act is now…. HR must give value or give notice.

Handbook for Success: HR Transformation is a no-nonsense handbook offering a clear process and useful tools HR leaders and line managers can leverage to position their organizations for success. By accomplishing transformation, we envision HR continuing to be center stage as organizations face greater business changes than they have ever faced. We are advocates for the profession and the leaders who make it happen. We hope this work will help continue to make HR the essential source for strategic solutions.

What You will Learn: Many agree that HR needs to change, read this book to find out how. First, we suggest the reasons why HR matters to business leaders and ways in which HR can connect its work inside the organization to customers, investors, and community leaders outside. Next, we define outcomes of good HR work not in terms of activities, but organization capabilities. Then we offer specific guidelines for transforming HR departments or functions, HR practices, and HR professionals. These guidelines redesign, reengineer, and upgrade the HR profession. Finally, we suggest specific roles for line managers, HR professionals, employees, and advisers to deliver on the hope of transformation.